Case/20 units. Sweet smoked paprika....

Case/20 units. Sweet smoked paprika. Bag 500g. Los Extremeños.


This paprika preserves its artisan and traditional character. It is recognized for the quality obtained in all the processes, from the selection and drying of the paprika with oak and holm oak wood, to the manufacturing and packaging of the paprika.


The smoked sweet paprika is the product obtained from the grinding of red fruits of the varieties of the "Ocaleas" group (Jaranda, Jariza and Jeromín) and "Bola" belonging to the species Capsicum longum, L., and Capsicum annuum, L., harvested ripe, healthy, clean, free of attacks of pests or diseases, dehydrated by the effect of traditional drying with smoke from the combustion of oak or oak wood. 

It has an intense red color with relative brightness. Smoky, intense and penetrating flavor and aroma, due to the drying process to which the peppers are subjected. Sweet flavor.

Being a smoked paprika made in a traditional way, it gives an exceptional touch to dishes and is capable of enhancing almost any stew.

It is an essential ingredient in the seasoning of rice, meats, stews, broths or sauces.

Los Extremeños
Approx. shelf life
10 months
Three-layer bags (aluminum, polyethylene and polypropylene).
Store in a cool, dry place.
Dried smoked peppers of the Jaranda variety, dried peppers (Capsicum longum L, Capsicum annuum L) and sunflower oil (Helianthus annuus, L).
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