Case/ 24units. Yellowfin Tuna Belly...
Case/ 24units. Yellowfin Tuna Belly...

Case/ 24units. Yellowfin Tuna Belly in olive oil. Net 120g. Cortizo High Selection.


The belly is the most exquisite part of the tuna. It is obtained from the belly area and is very rich in fat. It has a gelatinous and laminated flesh, which gives it an intense flavor. 

The canned belly is covered with olive oil to enhance the flavor and obtain an exquisite product.

Natural product elaborated by hand.


This product contains the best selection of light tuna belly, a natural food carefully chosen to always offer the highest quality. The preservation in olive oil keeps all its properties intact, making it a delicacy for the most demanding palates.

The belly is extracted from the tastiest part of the tuna, the juiciest and most intensely flavored piece. Its careful artisanal preparation manages to condense in each can the best of the sea, maintaining all the properties, as well as the characteristic texture and delicious flavor of the ventresca.

This product meets the highest quality standards, guaranteeing the consumer a first class tuna. This fish provides a high content of fatty acids rich in omega-3, as well as phosphorus and vitamins, to take care of your health and enjoy eating.

When we talk about Cortizo High Selection, we are referring to an exclusive product, a product fished, seafood and obtained in the Galician Rias, a source of nutrients and goodness due to its characteristics and location.

We are talking about preserves that are made with fresh products, worked by expert craftsmen who have years of experience and a great background in the world of canning, craftsmen who know how to care for and pamper such an exclusive and delicate product.

We are in front of preserves that keep all the flavor of Galicia, all the soul and passion of years and years of experience; preserves that allow us to enjoy the best products of the Galician sea.

Cortizo Alta Selección
Approx. shelf life
5 years
162 g
Net weight
120 g
Drained weight
81 g
Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, keep in the refrigerator and consume within 24 hours.
Yellowfin tuna -FISH- olive oil, salt.
1396 kJ / 337 kcal
29.1 g
of which Saturates
5.09 g
0 g
of which Sugars
0 g
18.7 g
1 g
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