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Case/6 units. Cantabrian anchovy in...
Case/6 units. Cantabrian anchovy in...

Case/6 units. Cantabrian anchovy in Olive Oil. Net 500g. Silvia Selección.


Cantabrian anchovies selected one by one and elaborated at the right point of maturation. With a flexible flavor and aroma and a delicate texture, this product is obtained from an arduous process of salting and de-spining. Bathed in Olive Oil.


This anchovy is a high quality product not only because of its origin (Cantabrian Sea), but also because of the elaboration process and its qualities. Specifically, it is a Costera de Primavera anchovy. It is so called because these anchovies are caught between the months of April and June, when the anchovy is in its reproductive peak and concentrates most of its fat in the roe, thus facilitating the penetration of the salt in its loins. This natural salting process, together with the exhaustive de-salting and cleaning to which it is subjected, makes it a high-end product with a unique meatiness and an exclusive flavor. .

This product is empacado en corona, which is how the anchovies are commonly known to be placed in circular cans, simulating the hands of the clock.

Keep at room temperature before consumption. Once opened, keep refrigerated covered with oil and consume within 7 days.

Silvia Selección
Approx. shelf life
12 months
660 g
Net weight
500 g
Drained weight
255 g
Store in a cool, dry place.
Cantabrian Anchovy (FISH) (Engraulis Encrasicolus), Olive Oil and salt.
664 kJ / 158 kcal
4.1 g
of which Saturates
0.8 g
less than 0.5 g
of which Sugars
less than 0.5 g
29.66 g
10.25 g
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